Alex DiPeppe's


Authentic Italian food great customer service, and the original DiPeppe family serving you award-winning cuisine since 1969.

Now in it's 3rd generation, the DiPeppe family continues to serve large portions of home style cooked Italian cuisine in the tradition of it's founders, Alex and Elsa DiPeppe, who emigrated here from Italy to extend their hospitality to you.

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Our Story

Alessandro and Elsa DiPeppe emigrated from Italy in the early 1950's to start a new life and pursue the American dream. He found work as a baker and she worked in a macaroni factory. In 1958, Elsa left her job to start a family.

In 1969, Alex and Elsa took a leap of faith. They opened their first restaurant in South San Gabriel where they served classic Southern Italian cuisine made from family recipes. In 1978, they relocated the restaurant to Arcadia where it has been ever since.

Their son, Larry, took over the restaurant in 1985 and their grandchildren have also contributed to the family business. To this day, we continue to serve Italian food in the same way that Alex and Elsa did.

Dipeppe Family 1960s